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Worship: Band / Vocalist / Production

Pinelake Worship is a collective team of musicians, technicians and creatives who desire to lead people into a genuine encounter with the presence of a holy, merciful and loving God. We serve our house during our weekly worship services. We also partner with other ministries throughout the week to support their needs in bringing expressions of worship to their gatherings.


Provide the foundation of our music on Sunday mornings. Instrumental needs include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and keys.


Bring to life the songs we’re singing as a church. On-mic vocalists cover all parts — lead vocals and background harmonies.


Provide the audio mix in our rooms. By combining all spoken elements, music and video components, create the overall sound experienced during service.


Produce the visual content for screens. Provide all on-screen material by running a camera or punching buttons on a video switcher.


Help produce the visual atmosphere of worship. Program all of the looks and run the cues from the light console.

Lyric Operator

Provide lyric and sermon material throughout the service. Utilize a user-friendly software to display this content on the screens.

Stage Manager

Set the stage before and during a service. Provide the music, hosting, teaching and baptism teams with necessary cues for timely entrances.